Introduction Blockchain

This is by far one of the best introductions for Blockchain I have seen in a long time:

With all the buzz surrounding blockchain, it has also become the terrain of the fortune seekers who claim to know it all, charging high consultancy fees while visibly struggling to clarify the basic concept behind bitcoin in their presentations or Youtube video's.

Stop Digging

Science has never been more clearer than this piece from McKibben:

"But as the new math makes clear, keeping fossil fuels in the ground is the only realistic approach. What’s unrealistic is to imagine that we can somehow escape the inexorable calculus of climate change. As the OCI report puts it, “One of the most powerful climate policy levers is also the simplest: stop digging.” That is, after all, the first rule of holes, and we’re in the biggest one ever."

From: Recalculating Climate Math

Be sure to check out more of his work.

Deep Learning for Autonomous Cars

Nvidia is making strides into the Deep Learning industry by developping high performance hardware to run some serious calculations. It is amazing to realize that the company known for graphic cards is now also active in these areas. From a tech point of view it makes sense though; the cards are king in computing power.

The latest product from Nvidia is specifically targetted at Deep Learning; this card beats the current top video card by a mere factor of 12. Good for things like learning cars and to drive on their own.

Nvidia unveils new deep learning system for supercomputers - From ReadWrite

"The final cost comes to $129,000 for the system, and will be available in June. We suspect no augmented reality or self-driving car manufacturers will be interested, unless they plan to sell their product at a massive loss or at a unsellable price point."

It is a bit steep to manufacture a product around it for the consumer market, but at least for the testing of this technology or for fleet based companies like NuTonomy this can make sense still. Pending on the approval of Singapore they are close to start a Level 4 Autonomous Taxi Fleet.