Tesla Inside - Only for Cars?

With the opening up of Tesla patents as open source, everybody is looking at what other car manufacturers can and/or will do with it. But how about applications outside the Automotive? The patent for the battery management system could also be attractive for grid storage. Or the patent for the large touch screen display, what can Apple, Google, or Samsung learn from that? This would make a label of 'Tesla Inside' even more widely applicable than I anticipated earlier.

"Automakers are going to be most enticed by the battery patents, but who knows what other Tesla inventions might find their way into your next BMW or Ford. Tesla has paved the way for the rest of the auto industry, but will they follow it?"

So How Many Tesla Patents Are There? - Gas2

Source: http://gas2.org/2014/06/13/many-tesla-pate...

Hybrid Vehicle - The BMW i5

Some exciting news for BMW enthusiasts, the home of the Ultimate Driving Machines has announced another member for their i-family: the i5. The i5, is a hybrid, with an efficient 3 cylinder engine for 90 hp and a 170 hp electric motor. More specs will probably follow soon, I'm curious about the batetery and the resulting full electric range it will achieve.



BMW is an exciting company to keep am eye out for, the Mini E and Active E have so far been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the drivers in these pilot projects. Their announcements for the i3 and i8 have been met with excitement on the design, which in my opinion is just amazing. Also their plans for the mobility services will likely cause a dramatic shift in how we will use vehicles and think on tansportation in the future, for the better that is.


BMW expands its hybrid and plug-in future http://www.hybridcarblog.com/bmw-expands-its-hybrid-and-plug-in-future/

According to Auto Bild via InsideLine, BMW will add an i5 plug-in hybrid, based on a 90 hp, three-cylinder gasoline engine mated to a 170-horsepower electric motor — resulting in a range extended plug-in vehicle — to its hybrid and plug-in lineup in 2015.

The i5 will join the i3 battery-electric hatchback and the i8 hybrid sport’s sedan due next year and “complete” the i-Series according to BMW.