Core Requirements

Data is the new oil for many and the companies realising that are changing the way they deal with their (customers) data. An interesting outset from ReadWrite describes how data availability and integrity should be a core requirement and not an afterthought:

From “Are edge computing and IIoT changing the way we think about data?”:

“For the enterprises that “get it,” this growth in data—and its increasing criticality to the business—is a catalyst to modernize their infrastructure. That infrastructure needs to be scalable to accommodate accelerating data growth and flexible to allow new ways to use real-time data analytics. As they become more reliant on data, they need to think about how to protect that valuable data. That means viewing data availability and integrity as a core requirement, not as an afterthought.” - Jason Andersen, ReadWrite

A Core Requirement. While I strongly agree with the article, it comes on top of security, privacy, etc. With so many things becoming a Core Requirement, are there any Edges left?

For security, Sia published a nice post on their stance:

“don’t roll your own crypto.” - David Vorick, Sia

Sia considers security a Core Requirement, but they only trust the absolute best to handle it for them.

Social Charging?

A while ago I helped out a friend of mine, Gertjan Geurts at Blue Max, with a pitch for his Social Charging concept in the Open Data FWD Challenge. We had some lengthy discussion on Google Hangouts while I was commuting in the train, providing some feedback for what to use in his pitch.

His plan is to utilise data of charging stations to help people get the most of the chargers. I'm glad to share he won the contest and is now busy taking his plan to the next level. For now, his plan is shared on his special website of Social Charging where you can sign up for the mailing list.