Utility, or no Utility?

A funny video I like to share and using the concept of a utility token to an absurd, and therefore hilarious level.

All too often though, I have seen projects twist and turn their wording so that they are not seen as doing an ICO or anything that raises the legal flag. Ultimately, words van only be bent so far, especially when they are in fact doing an ICO for example. Blockchain transparency at its best?

Nearly 50% of ICOs Failed?

Given that the rate for actual succes with startups is rather low, is it really a surprise to see that the succes rate for ‘ideas’ is not nearing 100%? I believe from various studies that around 1 in every 10 startups achieves a reasonable level of succes.

“According to the recent research, nearly a half (46%, if we need to be more precise) of them failed to raise any funds in 2017 and 2018. This study was conducted by a consulting and research company called GreySpark Partners”

From: “Nearly 50% of ICOs Failed, Report Claims”

With most ICO’s being a test to gauge interest in an idea (white paper, website, no working product), I am surprised to see that so many actually manage to raise more than $1 million. I think a big factor there has been the ICO FOMO more than anything else really.