Blockchain 2 Energy - Presentation on Blockchain Innovation Strategy

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at Solar Plaza’s Blockchain 2 Energy conference! It was an event focussed at applying blockchain technology in the energy business, just my cup of tea! The presentations of that day updated the industry on what has happened over the past year and a number of cool actual cases from the #BUIDL category.

It was fun to show the attendees what kind of prototype we have developed at Eneco and share our lessons. I like helping others tune their innovation strategy for when they want to start a blockchain project and we had a nice discussion afterwards.

Interested to hear more on this or discuss a contribution to your event? Please do get in touch.

PWC Global Blockchain Survey

What stood out to me on this PWC Global Blockchain Survey was the graph showing how far along companies are with Blockchain:

PWC - Blockchain Project Stage.jpeg

With 'only' 14% of the companies not involved with Blockchain in some form at all, there is a lot of time and money spend here. Last year most of the Blockchain projects out there and being announced were more done for PR's sake with little or no business case behind it. This year there is a noticeable shift to requests from business for Blockchain projects which do have an actual business case. This shift is also visible with 25% of the companies now having a pilot or actually being live.

Read more on the PWC report on their site.