Mentoring at Rockstart

Last week I became a mentor for startups in Rockstart! A cool opportunity to help startups grow and, get to grow my network and share my experience within the Rockstart ecosystem.

Rockstart is a startup accelerator, launched in 2011 and has an office in Amsterdam. Within their Smart Energy domain the host a program for a number of startups to coach them to greatness. From my role at Eneco I have been in contact with Rockstart and a number of the startups in their program over the years. I have always found the program to be well developed and thought through. The startups that were admitted are of good quality and ambitious and always good sparring partners. It is nice I can do this in return for the program and can get more involved at the same time.

Metal-Air Battery Without Degradation?

Eos Energy Storage has developped a metal-air battery that they claim has done over 5000 cycles with no physical degradation. They have recently raised $15M which will help them to launch their Aurora system in 2014.

Zinc-air battery company Eos Energy Storage raises $15M

The Aurora system is delivered in a standard 40’ container, and comes in 1 >MWh and 6 MWh standard sizes, built, respectively, with 2 kWh and 12 kWh >modules. Initial pricing is expected to be $160/kWh.

The specs look promising and the modular concept appeals a lot. Also their predicted cost per kWh is cheap.