Ancient by Design

And to think the Model S is already superior over many other cars for its modern internals, not realizing it is more than just the drive train:

“Another sign of the difference between the Model S and other automakers is the sheer amount of computing power on board the Tesla. An NVIDIA graphics processor powers the 12.3 inch gauge cluster display as well as the 17-inch touchscreen, which helps gives every digital button a crisp, almost 3D look. Compared to other automakers, Tesla uses a Tegra 3 computer processor, whereas other luxury carmakers are still using the Tegra 2, which debuted back in 2010. In terms of computers, that’s pretty much ancient history.” - Gas2


Tesla Inside - Only for Cars?

With the opening up of Tesla patents as open source, everybody is looking at what other car manufacturers can and/or will do with it. But how about applications outside the Automotive? The patent for the battery management system could also be attractive for grid storage. Or the patent for the large touch screen display, what can Apple, Google, or Samsung learn from that? This would make a label of 'Tesla Inside' even more widely applicable than I anticipated earlier.

"Automakers are going to be most enticed by the battery patents, but who knows what other Tesla inventions might find their way into your next BMW or Ford. Tesla has paved the way for the rest of the auto industry, but will they follow it?"

So How Many Tesla Patents Are There? - Gas2


E-Rally 2014 - A Tesla Experience?

On the 17th of May there will be a rally with fully electric cars. No petrol, or any other range extender is allowed. Each pure electric vehicle has to have a range of at least 250km. This puts most currently available cars out of the rally, except for the Model S.

Is that fair? From the organization I understood that a 'normal' rally is around 200km in length, so it makes sense to measure up to this. I think this should be seen as a strong incentive for the other OEMs to step up their game and up the ante so they can participate in this rally next year.


If you are interested, the subscription (in Dutch) is still open, though the number of cars that can participate is limited to 100. In participating with this rally, you will also support a chartiy; JustDiggIt .