Charging the ZOE: An extension

Quite some time ago I created a questionnaire where people could log their successes and failures while trying to charge their ZOE. This little research I wrapped up some weeks after that, after which I discussed some of the results with Emmanuelle Desbrosse from Renault, Paris.

After that I left the post to rest, but to my surprise it has still picked up regular entries over the past few months now. So much so that I think it warrants a little update, also given the fact that I have now been approached by two Danish students wishing to do their thesis on this very subject. I have agreed to share the anonymous data with them as well, in return for a copy of their results. They are in contact with Renault in Denmark and have 2 Renault ZOEs available to them for testing.

Below is an update with the latest data, for both cases where people have either no problem with charging (the YES sheet) and with the cases where people DID have a problem to charge their ZOE (the NO sheet):

If you want to help out with this research by recording your experiences, both good and bad are welcome, please do so by filling out the form below:

The Charging Process
In case you got an error message, please fill in here
Charging Location
Where did you try to charge?
To make it clear which charger you used, for example "the second charger at the restaurant near the A4".
Charger Type
The technical specs of the charger used
The company that sells you electricity here
A charger from ABB, Siemens, etc.
Follow Up
In case you'd like to be notified about outcomes. Your data will only be used for this research and will not be sold/handed over to third parties.

Electric Vehicle - EVs at the Amsterdam AutoRAI 2011

After returning from my holiday I visisted the Amsterdam AutoRAI 2011 here in the Netherlands, where all the latest and greatest of the car industry is to be found and also where they show their latest electric vehicle developments. Glad that I took the time to go through the many stands and halls, I took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of the electric vehicles I found on display and shared them on the MyHEV Facebook Page. As a little teaser I'll show some of the nicest here below with some comments for those of you who missed out on this event.

MyHEV Facebook Page AutoRAI 2011 Album and while you're there, be sure to check out the other information there and become a fan of the page.

As a teaser, check out the pictures below:

The stand of Tesla

Tesla had a nice presence at the AutoRAI, unfortunately nothing on the future plans of Tesla, like the Model S. It is porbably still driving test runs for Tesla on the tracks.

The Citroen Survolt

Quite a beastly concept from Citroen, the Survolt. It has some nasty specs as well, check out the special website as well for this one.

The Renault Zoe

The adorable Zoe from Renault, in all white it was referenced a lot to as an Apple Car or something related to the dentist. I'd go for Apple ;-)

The Opel Ampera

The European counterpart of the Chevy Volt, the Opel Ampera. Heavily camped by many visitor who wanted to get a good look and feel of the car, it draws a lot of attention and appeals to a lot of (potential) customers.

MyHEV Facebook Page AutoRAI 2011 Album and while you're there, be sure to check out the other information there and become a fan of the page.