No turning back

I simply love reading Seth Godin's post every day, often it is just a lesson or insight that resonates with me. Today this is one I wanted to share as it also relates to the Energy Transition and Mobility Transition.

Technology Ratchet

"Once people realize that they can make their own apps, write their own words, create their own movements, they don't happily go back to the original sources of controlled, centralized production."

The same holds for people who have produced their own energy with solar panels, or people who have driven an Electric Vehicle. They have no desire to go back to the past.

For electric vehicles the 'Butts in Seat' concept is strong, but also looking at current owners indicating their next car will definitely be an electric vehicle again.


EV Statistics Netherlands

Took me a while to get used to the intense workflow at my current job Eneco and make time for the blog, sorry about that. I am having the time of my life though, perhaps I can convert that to blog topics as well. Without further ado, the Electric Car population in the Netherlands is still growing, so here goes:


So close to 50.000, a great milestone is about to be achieved!


a spectacular hump in the graph, we indeed have come a long way.


Quick Chargers have made strides earlier, with companies like FastNed putting up Fast Charging Stations along the highway this will keep up for some time still.

Tesla is the King of EV's, also in numbers in the Netherlands. Good Old Nissan Leaf is a strong second, though I am curious to find out what happened between december last year and start of 2015.


King of the EREV/PHEV category is still without any doubt the Outlander. The recent addition of the VW Golf is also showing great strides forward, I expect that to gain a few places in the course of this year.


40880 Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands

The latest data on the electric vehicles in the Netherlands are in, last August there were 40880 electric vehicles in the Netherlands. Data is based on vehicle registrations and collected by RVO.



Sales and registrations are always a bit slower during summer, but this summer we did manage to break the 40k limit. With a growth of 2-3% per month over the summer, things aren't really bad.


PHEV Top 5

No big changes in the top 5, thouh the Outlander is still getting away from the rest of the field. Prius and Ampera sales seem to have stalled almost.


EV Top 5

Same goes for the EV Top 5, nothing much really happened during our summer months. Tesla Model S is still king of the hill, the numbers 4-6 could trade places any time soon.


No big excitement, but looking forward to the last few months of the year. I doubt we'll break 50k by december, but 45k seems within reach.

37667 Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands

Ever increasing numbers, last month shows the climb has continued again. There are currently 37667 Electric Vehicles in the Netherlands, based on the vehicle regitration data. Courtesy for the data goes to RVO who supplies this data every month.

EV NL Graph

The biggest category still remains the EREV/PHEV, but also the FEV is showing a good increase again. Things seem to have restored to levels from before the sprint of last year.

EV NL Table
EV NL Percentages

Top 5 Overviews

The Top 5 Overview for both the FEV and the EREV/PHEV remains unchanged in the order of car models. For the EREV/PHEV The Outlander still remains the top contender in ths list, a remarkable achievement given that is is only on sale for such a relatively brief period.

Top 5 EREV PHEV Graph

For the FEV category, the Tesla Model S is still the king of the hill. With just 3 datapoints it is not providing much of a graph yet, but that will change over the summer. The newer models and the larger population, does appear to grow the quickest so far. Let's see how this develops the coming months.

Top 5 EV

Charing Infrastructure

The data for the charging infrastructure has been dynamic lately with all the changes that are being made to it. Some chargers were taken offline to be relocated, some other differentiation has been applied that forced chargers to shift categories and also chargers which were marked to be publicly available, have now been categorized as being privately owned (and not shown in numbers anymore).

I'll just copy the data that is provided, though with all these recalibrations it becomes less than ideal to track month-to-month progress on. Hopefully this has leveled out towards the end of the year.

A note is on the sharp increase for the Fast chargers, from 70 to 172, which is fantastic, though I do not recall a big press announcement from anyone who has recently opened so many fast chargers in one go. Unless they have taken the upcoming opening from a lot of the FastNed chargers into account already, though I'm quite sure they are not operational in such large numbers yet.

NL Chargers Table
Chargers NL Graph


Good data to approach our summer holidays with. I expect the coming few months to be a little slower again, but I don't mind being surprised in this field.

Social Charging?

A while ago I helped out a friend of mine, Gertjan Geurts at Blue Max, with a pitch for his Social Charging concept in the Open Data FWD Challenge. We had some lengthy discussion on Google Hangouts while I was commuting in the train, providing some feedback for what to use in his pitch.

His plan is to utilise data of charging stations to help people get the most of the chargers. I'm glad to share he won the contest and is now busy taking his plan to the next level. For now, his plan is shared on his special website of Social Charging where you can sign up for the mailing list.