More meetings, more fun! Never thought I would say that, but at this point I am really enjoying meeting people that can help me with my business and people who might need my help applying Tomorrow’s Technology. This week looks equally promising, big fun ahead!

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Fri, Jul 12


Waiting sucks, but patience pays.

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Sat, Jul 13


If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Are you going Off-Grid, or staying?

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Sun, Jul 14

Defending Status Quo

Fighting for the new is sexy, while few people brand themselves as defending the status quo. Still, this is what they do…

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From the News

On Energy

Large scale wind can do without subsidy. Last week the news came out that Vattenfall won 760MW of offshore wind, again not requiring any subsidy for this tender. Unheard of a few years ago, a trend going forward from now? 

In a similar fashion, Portugal has an auction on solar power which has triggered a bidding avalanche. I would have expected a lot more solar to be already present in Portugal, but it seems I was mistaken. I do expect a lot more momentum in the Portuguese solar market from now on though!

Compressing air is a tried and tested method. But I found this method to use compressed air to ‘store electricity’ rather novel. By using renewable power in times of abundance, the air is cooled down (-196’C), reducing its volume by a factor of 700. By releasing it to ambient temperature, the expansion drives a conventional turbine to generate power again. No high-risk chemicals, only a tank with rather cold air inside.

On Blockchain

It looks like it was the week of ‘sharing your insights on how to deal with innovation/blockchain projects. Perhaps some people wanted to clear their head before heading off for a summer holiday? Some really interesting pieces though, good to digest when enjoying the good weather:

  • Death by Prototype: On why a prototype should not be the goal in and of itself. Some useful pointers on making it part of something bigger and increasing actual success.

  • Safety without Silos: The debate on Public/Private chains goes on. An interesting observation on where this debate is going to. I see a big parallel with internet/intranet developments. The big value is in sharing the data, but some parts you want to protect.

  • Blockchain for the Masses: Another debate; how will we make sure blockchain/bitcoin/etc. will reach mass adoption? Some valid points, but I also think that a bit of patience of those not involved can help cope with the overhyped promises still around.

  • Organising for extraordinary innovation: A detailed framework, based on the experience of Arno Laeven. Still, the difficulty still is with applying the framework and timing your shift between the different phases. Sometimes hard work, never really becomes a walk in the park.


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