Being aware of what is out there is one thing, but what are those developments going to do with your company or industry? After the inspiration it is time to draft the plans and the strategy, explore use cases and define projects to reap the benefits.



Together with a few of your stakeholders we will explore in a workshop what a specific emerging technology can do for you, what type of use cases are available today and in the future ahead.

Strategy & Innovation

With a (list of) use case(s) present, you want to have a plan on how to implement this. Such new technologies are bound to have an impact on some parts of your business, if not every part.

You have an innovation portfolio. But does it still match with recent developments and where you want to go with your business? Let me help you assess your portfolio, or setup a structured approach such as a lab.



Design Thinking & Prototyping

Togehter with clients and/or internal users a session can be held to gather feedback that will make the final product a success. This is part of an iterative process which prevents projects from taking too long and delivering no to little value at all.

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