Satoshi Radio

I was invited to discuss blockchain in the energy sector on Satoshi Radio! It is a Dutch podcast by two friendly and curious guys in the Dutch blockchain space; Bart Mol and Wijnand Luitjes. It was a great interview where they really probed on how the energy system (in The Netherlands) works and sometimes digging beyond what my level of understanding is.

If you want to listen to the 1,5 hour podcast, you can do so using your favourite podcasting app via Satoshi Radio.

It was fun to be a guest on this podcast, as this is something I have been pondering of starting on my own as well. Good to see the love, patience and grit required to keep up with a weekly podcast! If you have tips on how to start this, I’d love to hear more!

ABN - Blockchain & Energy Presentation

Last week I was invited by ABN to give a presentation explaining how blockchain can be applied in the energy industry. A nice session with a mix of people who are well versed in blockchain and some others who do not have a daily interaction with this type of technology.

I always enjoy a fresh perspective from the questions afterwards; it is interesting to see what questions come up from a bank’s perspective. This cross pollination across different industries can truly foster nice collaborations and learning experiences.

Interested to hear more on this or discuss what blockchain can do for your industry? Please do get in touch.

Privacy Commons?

As privacy online is an issue dear to me, I like to read from DuckDuckGo, Proton, Signal and various other tools on how to enhance your defenses. This piece on TechCrunch had an interesting angle. It debated if privacy would be a private matter, or a matter of the coPrivacy is a commonsmmons. On it being a private matter:

“The answer is: no, actually, not necessarily; not if there are enough of them; not if the commodification of privacy begins to affect us all. Privacy is like voting. An individual’s privacy, like an individual’s vote, is usually largely irrelevant to anyone but themselves … but the accumulation of individual privacy or lack thereof, like the accumulation of individual votes, is enormously consequential.” - TechCrunch “Privacy is a commons”

Also considering that the Conmons is a central theme in the upcoming Odyssey Hackathon here in the Netherlands, I can see this theme being applied a lot broader in an attempt to make the world a fairer place again.