Raison d’être

An interesting chapter in any blockchain implementation is getting to why a companies exists. What is the value being added in the process? Blockchain is often used to add transparency to the use case, but what if that exposes the company is not really adding value? That’s when a search for innovation leads to a more philosophical excercise.

”With transparancy caused by blockchain, companies need to critically rethink what value they are adding in the chain, or risk ending their existence.” - HBR

Fun and interesting, but not everybody was ready for that.


HODLing. While I think everybody is entitled to his or her own investment strategy, I do not provide such advice in the first place. But looking at the past conferences, a lot of focus has gone to FinTech, Cryptocurrencies or ICO’s and investment strategies. There are some good, more tech focussed ones out there, sharing talks on the tech and also the practical applications in various imdustries, to make the world actually better.

To a lot of the others I’d ask:

”Do you TAKL, or do you BUIDL?”

Over the past year I have seen more and more projects focussing on solving an actual problem instead of copying just another money-grab.