Energeia Energy Day 2018 - Work to be done?

Last week I spoke at the Energeia Energy Day on our Blockchain project for the District Heating system. The Energeia Energy Day is an annual event, aimed at everybody involved within the energy industry.

It was a good opportunity to share our experience with a Blockchain project, though looking at the entire agenda of the conference you’d say that Blockchain is not top of mind for everybody yet; a different picture if you see the various initiatives globally though. A lot of work is still to be done to show the potential and added value of Blockchain in the industry, also considering the often heard question aimed at the energy consumption of Bitcoin. I’m looking forward to more of such sessions, educating people as I go and adding to the list of projects that can show working examples to the world.

Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2018

Today I attended the Next Level Conferende DBH, disussing the learning from the 2017 edition last February and looking forward to the next. I had a great time meeting up with friends old and new, got excited about the programma outline already and eager to head off for a new adventure.

The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon was a great event in Groningen, bringing together many experts together at a unprecedented scale. In a team with TNO, IBM and collegues from Eneco we achieved a second spot in the Energy track. This in turn helped us internally get better visibility for the topic within Eneco, next to a vast network in this ecosystem.

Anyone in doubt on the topic, I strongly recommend to join in this program, a next meeting will be somewhere in September 2017 and the actual hackathon in April 2018.

For more details, check the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon website.

Got it.

I am quite aware of the many others that know more about blockchain than I do, even though I have read about them for close to two years now. I am always happy to see that when I try and explain what it is, quite quicky some people grasp the concept of peer-2-peer transactions. Responding with a: 'So we can do peer-2-peer energy trading as well then?' to me is a sign they got the basics for any further discussion.

The peer-2-peer energy use case is by far the most discussed use case within the energy business, but also the most obvious one. In an industry build on selling energy, it is the obvious translation from the current business to blockchain. The world is still in search for the 'Killer App' which combines blockchain to an energy related use case. Having seen many variations, I'm sure we have only been prodding in the tip of an iceberg. A long road of discovery is still ahead of us.

Introduction Blockchain

This is by far one of the best introductions for Blockchain I have seen in a long time:

With all the buzz surrounding blockchain, it has also become the terrain of the fortune seekers who claim to know it all, charging high consultancy fees while visibly struggling to clarify the basic concept behind bitcoin in their presentations or Youtube video's.