Blockchain 2 Energy - Presentation on Blockchain Innovation Strategy

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at Solar Plaza’s Blockchain 2 Energy conference! It was an event focussed at applying blockchain technology in the energy business, just my cup of tea! The presentations of that day updated the industry on what has happened over the past year and a number of cool actual cases from the #BUIDL category.

It was fun to show the attendees what kind of prototype we have developed at Eneco and share our lessons. I like helping others tune their innovation strategy for when they want to start a blockchain project and we had a nice discussion afterwards.

Interested to hear more on this or discuss a contribution to your event? Please do get in touch.

Mentoring at Rockstart

Last week I became a mentor for startups in Rockstart! A cool opportunity to help startups grow and, get to grow my network and share my experience within the Rockstart ecosystem.

Rockstart is a startup accelerator, launched in 2011 and has an office in Amsterdam. Within their Smart Energy domain the host a program for a number of startups to coach them to greatness. From my role at Eneco I have been in contact with Rockstart and a number of the startups in their program over the years. I have always found the program to be well developed and thought through. The startups that were admitted are of good quality and ambitious and always good sparring partners. It is nice I can do this in return for the program and can get more involved at the same time.

Energeia Energy Day 2018 - Work to be done?

Last week I spoke at the Energeia Energy Day on our Blockchain project for the District Heating system. The Energeia Energy Day is an annual event, aimed at everybody involved within the energy industry.

It was a good opportunity to share our experience with a Blockchain project, though looking at the entire agenda of the conference you’d say that Blockchain is not top of mind for everybody yet; a different picture if you see the various initiatives globally though. A lot of work is still to be done to show the potential and added value of Blockchain in the industry, also considering the often heard question aimed at the energy consumption of Bitcoin. I’m looking forward to more of such sessions, educating people as I go and adding to the list of projects that can show working examples to the world.